12-31-06: Hello everyone!!!

Yes, I've been away for some time now. After the fantastic election results last November I decided to give myself a break from the socio-political blogging and take the time to work on holiday music, Christmas shopping, and even take a trip to Manhattan!!! Anyway, I decided to take a break from my break to wish all of you...

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I'll be back soon with much more to report on. Even though I've been quiet here my eyes and ears have still been open to the bizarre to the absolute insane that has continued to go on in this world of ours.

God bless all of you and may you all have a joyous and prosperous New Year!!!

11-9-06: Now that the mid-term elections are over, and now that a complete day has passed since the results came in, I do wish to offer just a few thoughts.

First off, what a wonderful statement this election made to the government. This was a textbook case of true democracy at work - the power of the people!!! I had the pleasure of being invited to a couple of post-election parties in downtown Phoenix where other Democrat luminaries were gathered while waiting for the results to come in. Except for one local race the entire night was a celebration! When the news came in that the Democrats had won the House I shouted it out to the others in the room and the cheers were so deafening that it even hurt my ears!!! My only sorrow was our candidate for the Senate, Jim Pederson. He doesn't say much, but he's EXTREMELY intelligent and has the aura about him that commands respect. If he had won his election I would still be dancing in the streets, but alas that was not to be. Still, the real issue was the Congress, and in the words of John Adams (from "1776") I have had my fill of this [current] Congress!!! So to see this cleaning of both houses not only thrilled me, but it actually gave me hope for the future. For a long time I saw our great country like a steam engine train racing towards a cliff only to fall into the abyss. Part of me was actually afraid that this election would not be able to turn that tide, that the unholy alliance of the neo-conservatives and Evangelicals had stolen so much social and political power that nothing could stop it. I am greatly relieved to know that I was wrong. I now actually have a feeling of hope, that maybe we can end this path towards self-destruction and actually build something better, not just for us, but for the whole world.

There was one other issue with this election that I was greatly concerned with, and that was Proposition 107. Here in Arizona it is already in the law books that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, but there was placed on the ballots a terrible proposition that not only would amend the State Constitution to say that (the reason given was so that "activist judges" would not throw the current law out), but it would also eliminate any kind of recognized domestic partnership, even between heterosexuals. I am pleased today to know that Arizona is the first state in the nation to actually defeat such a measure. We have a powerful gay community here (much to the surprise of a lot of people) and we not only got ourselves organized, but we brought in the help of those members of the heterosexual community who are friendly to us to beat this measure back. Does this mean we have gay marriage now? No, but it does mean that we are not about to tolerate any legislation based in hatred and discrimination.

Yes, this is indeed a great day for us all, not just here in Arizona, but throughout the country. There are some world issues that need to be addressed. Maybe now we'll finally get to address them. I do hope, however, that the Democrats learned their lessons from the past. Before the neo-con takeover of 1994 the Democrats were really running the show for quite some time and had started to lock the Republicans out of any political process that was supposed to be happening on Capitol Hill. This is what galvanized the Republicans and brought out the neo-conservative and evangelical elements. Now that the Democrats have taken the power back it is my deepest hope that we will see both parties sincerely trying to work together. It does mean that many of the Republican Party will have to swallow their collective pride, but if they wish to get their agenda across then this is what will be required of them, just as it is required of the Democrats to not act with arrogance towards the Republicans. This country works best when there is true bipartisanship.

Let me now change course and bring up again the subject of Ted Haggard. When it was announced what he had done, his unholiness, James Dobson, came forward and said that he was going to work with Ted and help him through his therapy and rehabilitation. Interestingly enough that was said before the elections. Now that the elections are over Mr. Dobson has changed his tune, saying that he doesn't have time to work with Ted. So much for helping out your Christian brother. As for Dobson, he proclaimed his disappointment with the elections and said that the Republicans had more or less abandoned the moral values, which is why they lost the election. Really? So that bit with the 7 other states pushing gay marriage bans was something the Democrats were pushing? Is that what you're saying Jimmy boy??? It was your own political party that messed it up James. By having the Republican Party move to the EXTREME political right you people ended up abandoning those who identify themselves as centrists. They had no place to go except to work with the Democrats! We won the elections because you knuckleheads tried to grab for too much power and control, and that was something that the majority of American citizens were not going to sit still for.

Now before I close, I want to leave you with this delightful video I found regarding Ted Haggard. It comes courtesy of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and he pretty much echoed what I had said about Ted in my previous entry, only he did it with much greater humor!

11-6-06: I just want to post a couple of thoughts here. I'll try to not make this long and drawn out!

First I want to address Ted Haggard, the former leader of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. When the news broke about what he had done I will admit that I grinned and felt a little leap of joy in my heart. Why? Because I detest hypocrisy, and the fascist right movement is FILLED with it! When Haggard was leaked by escort Mike Jones I was elated because here was another hypocrite exposed. Now I will also admit that I really have nothing against this man on a personal level, however I do on a socio-religious one. His diatribes against gays have been unbelievably harmful to many people, but in a classic case of "what goes around comes around," he ended up doing more harm to himself. He allowed himself to buy the religious whacko rhetoric that he was dishing out and ended up putting himself through (although I would imagine it was worse for him) the same closeted torture that so many of his "followers" have been forced to endure. What bothered me though was his apology letter that he wrote to his former congregation. In it he described how he was a liar and deceitful, that there was a part of his life that was so repulsive and dark that he had been warring against it all of his adult life, and that he was doing everything he can to defeat these demons. He also said that he has been battling with sexual issues all his life. Now what bothered me is that instead of using his brain and the intelligence that God gave him, he decided to retreat into a lie and refer to these problems as "demons." Yes, this is the fundamentalist at work here. The devil made me do it. Well guess what Ted, the devil CANNOT make you do anything you don't want to do!!! Use some common sense and logic here!!! By your own admission you've been having these so-called problems for much of your life. You have never been able to really turn away from them. Don't you think that in your position as head of your church, that if being gay were indeed a sin as you say, that God would help you in any way possible to deliver you from it? I'm sure you've prayed for deliverance from it, and yet your feelings remain! Why??? Could it be because your feelings are a part of who you are and that what you really need to fight against are the lies that have been told through the misuse of scripture? You've said that your beliefs regarding homosexuality are all in the bible, and yet if you really studied the Word in detail, knowing what was being said in the original languages of the day, understanding the cultural references and metaphors that the people used to deliver the lessons, you would come to learn that the bible NEVER spoke out against homosexuality, that you've been in bondage to a lie the entire time!!!

Now Ted is going to go through some counseling with the help of another Christian fascist, James Dobson. No doubt Ted will go through some ex-gay therapy to help "cure" him of his disorder. I fear for him and feel sadness, because the damage that he will now face will scar him for the rest of his life. It is my deepest hope and prayer that somehow he will figure it out and realize that the only sin hasn't been the homosexuality, but that he bought into, and helped perpetuate, a lie.

Now I want to conclude with something personal that happened to me today. I was invited to a political rally in support of candidates Jim Pederson (for the Senate) and Harry Mitchell (for the House). Both of these candidates are staunch supporters of embryonic stem cell research, something which I also support. What made this so special was the surprise appearance of Michael J. Fox.

Now I don't know how many of you have already decided how you're going to vote. I don't know if any of you are undecided voters still in this eleventh hour. Be that as it may, if any of you could have seen what I saw today I can guarantee that only someone who was dead inside would not be moved by Michael's appearance. There is no question that the Parkinson's Disease which is slowly ravaging his body is really taking its toll on him. The entire time he was at the podium speaking (I was only three rows away from the podium so I was able to get an excellent look at him while he was speaking) I watched him twitch and move uncontrollably. While his head, shoulders and torso were moving and swaying a bit, it was his legs that really shocked me. The poor man could not stand still because his legs would not permit it. They were moving all over that stage like a man who was wildly dancing, only Michael was not dancing. He was trying to speak in a controlled manner to the best of his ability. What pains me now is that I cannot adequately describe what I felt in my heart at that time and what I am feeling now. I know that he has said that he doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for him, but I was absolutely moved to tears watching him and I had to fight an overwhelming urge to walk up to him and to just hug him tightly. His courage is so unbelievable in the face of what he's going through that he has become a hero of mine, and I don't have to pray for God to be with him for I already know that God IS with him.

Why do I bring this up? We have a chance to really change the direction of this country in ways that we can't imagine, and one of the key issues is stem cell research. If any of you could have seen what I saw you would also want to do whatever possible to help cure Michael J. Fox of his ailment. Well you can... VOTE FOR CHANGE!!! The current neo-conservative leadership would rather hold back science in favor of antiquated religious superstitions, so go out and vote for Democrats who believe in science and believe in medicine for the quality of ALL PEOPLE!!!



There is a non-partisan group called "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington" that monitors the activities of the Congress. Since they are non-partisan they have no problems pointing out the shady activities of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

They recently released a report documenting the "25 Most Corrupt Politicians." A detailed mapping of these politicians' activities can be found on Beyond Delay. Go ahead and read it. See for yourselves how out of the 25 politicians that 22 of them are Republican!!!

We need a change. The current political course we are going down is definitely not a healthy one. VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!

10-9-06: This is the story that simply will not go away. I'm sure the Republican leadership hoped that they could magically make this go away, or at least make the American public think it irrelevant like they have tried to do with so many other issues in the past. Unfortunately for them, the story only gets worse and worse with each passing day.

First off, the Evangelical Christian is now trying to turn this Foley affair into a Democrat scandal by saying that the instant messages and e-mails were some sort of con job against Foley, by trying to coax his advances towards Congressional pages out of him. According to a conservative blog report this all started as a prank by one of the young pages, but the prank got out of hand when it fell into the hands of the Democrats. Now this is pure crap. ABC News, which broke the story in the first place, stand by their story. The young page who was the first to be mentioned in this story also has an attorney who publicly stated that at NO TIME was this ever considered to be a prank. Also consider the fact that other former pages are coming forward with the same story, not to mention the reports that are surfacing that other Republican Leaders knew, but I'll get to that point in a few minutes. What is really important regarding the prank theory is that they have had absolutely no proof whatsoever. They might have been able to sell this kind of conspiracy nonsense to the American public 6 years ago, but polls show that Americans no longer look to the Republican Party for morals and values, but to the Democrats now! As a result of this the Evangelical Christian movement has lost an incredible amount of steam.

The next big joke being put forth by the Republican Right is how they casually condemn Foley's role in all of this (If this were a prank, then why should the neo-cons condemn it, even casually?) and then they go after Clinton again!!! They harp on the fact that he had his indiscretion with Monica Lewinsky and scream about it as if it had just happened, but they convientley forget that Monica WAS A LEGAL ADULT!!! She was in her twenties when that occurred, but these pages were still minors during Foley's advances, and this is what the neo-cons and Evangelical Christians are trying to ignore. This is nothing more than a vile attempt by the Evangelical Christians to try to get the right-wing vote out! Can anyone else see how disgusting an attempt at spin this is by an organization that proclaims to be Christian??? They're also asking the question as to who knew about Foley and when was it known. What's hilarious is how the Republican leadership continue to insinuate that the people who knew about Foley's indiscretions were the Democrats. DON'T BUY IT PEOPLE! The Democrats had nothing to do with this. If you examine who all of the players are in this little drama you'll see that it's all REPUBLICANS!!! The Democrats never figured into this until the ABC News broke the story. Don't take my word for it. It's all in the news!!!

Now, regarding Congressman Gerry Studs again, there has been some confusion about his actions and how they can be different from what Foley did. Let me spell out the facts here. Once the Democratic leadership found out about that Studs had sexual relations with his page (which had occurred 10 YEARS EARLIER) he was IMMEDIATELY censured. They didn't wait. They didn't sit on the facts. They didn't try to keep it secret. An Ethics Hearing took place in very short time and it was then that Studs was censured. What is happening with Foley is that there is growing evidence that his activities have been kept secret. It's becoming increasingly clear that the Republican Leadership knew that Foley had these problems even before his re-election to the Congress in 2004, and even after they knew they still recruited him to run for office, and then STILL wanted to put him in charge of the Exploited and Missing Children's Caucus in 2005. All of this even AFTER they had learned of his inappropriate behavior, and all because the Republicans simply wanted to win seats on Capitol Hill.

As for Dennis Hastert, he has stated that he would take full responsibility of this "incident," but at the same time will not step down or accept any disciplinary action from it. So much for taking full responsibility. However, it has also just come out that Republican Leader Tom Reynolds approached Hastert YEARS AGO to tell him about what Foley was doing. Doesn't this make Hastert (and Tom Reynolds) at the least an accomplice after the fact??? Now Congressman Jim Kolbe (out Republican from Arizona) has even come forward himself to say that he knew about this!!!

Now I know that some of you may be thinking that I'm really taking this far too seriously due to the constant blog entries I've been writing regarding this. Perhaps, but it is important for everyone to know the depths that the Republicans will stoop to, and that the true philosophy of the Republican Party is not morality and decency, but lies and hypocrisy. Trust me people this story is NOT going away by any stretch of the imagination and we need to remember it when we vote in November. We must remember what Foley has done, and we must remember the pathetic attempt and cover-up by the Republicans. I certainly won't forget!!!

10-7-06: We've all heard the news by now about the gunman who killed the young girls in the Amish community. Unfortunately this type of heinous act is nothing new to us these days. We're accustomed to hearing about either a lone gunman or gunmen charging into communities killing people, or going into schools killing teachers and/or students. What has struck me with the Amish tragedy is the response.

Whenever a horrible crime is committed against an individual or group of individuals I find the response to be generally the same. People want revenge. It's the old Mosaic Law of "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth." Yet, according to the Republican Leadership and the Evangelical Christian movement, we're supposed to be a Christian nation. So let me ask all of you, where is the Christian love in this kind of Old Testament revenge? Even when someone commits a sin against another, regardless of the severity of it, we are told to forgive not seven times, but up to seventy-seven times (Matthew 18:21-22). Now I realize what the message here really is. It's ridiculous to actually put a number on the number of times we forgive, but once a person sins above that then WATCH OUT!!! Yes, that would be ridiculous. However, consider what we do here in America. One of the most tragic crimes a person can commit is murder. The taking of another life (innocent or not) is reprehensible, yet we see it happening all the time. Not just in the murders and crimes being committed against ordinary people, but also through our collective dire need to seek revenge. Again we are back to that eye for an eye business. We especially hear the need for laws allowing this type of retribution coming from the socio-political right wing movement, yet where is the Christian love? Where are these Christian values they espouse? I hear a lot of anger, a lot of need for revenge, a lot of hatred, but I don't hear one of Christ's most talked about value of all, and that is forgiveness.

Why this has struck me so strongly is because of the way the Amish community has come together in support and healing. We expect them to console the parents of the young girls killed, but what touched me is the way they consoled the father of the gunman. Here is a man, who in one day, not only lost a son but also has to live for the rest of his life knowing that this son took the lives of innocent girls. To say that this broke his heart is an understatement of massive proportions, and yet, there were scenes of people in the Amish community going up to this same father whereupon they would put their arms around him and just hold him while he would cry in a grief stricken state that I hope none of us ever have to experience. The people even expressed forgiveness for the gunmen even though he had already committed suicide after the killings. This isn't just some lip service. This is real. So now I ask you, how many of the Beatitudes are shown by this?

"Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted." Not only were the parents of the slain girls comforted, but the gunman's father was comforted as well. He especially was the recipient of a Christ-like value.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." The Amish people don't just talk about their beliefs. THEIR BELIEFS ARE ALIVE IN THEM!!! Their spirituality and faith is an integral part of who they are. They are pure in heart. When the survivors of the all those killed were comforted, they just didn't see the faces of their friends and community members. They saw the loving face of God reflected in the eyes of each one of them. This is what it means to be a true Christian!!!

Lastly, I want to briefly mention Westboro Baptist Church. These are the people who claim that God hates homosexuals, and because of America's growing tolerance towards them, God is having our uniformed men and women killed in Iraq. That is God's hatred according to Fred Phelps and his clan. Now, they have turned their attention towards the Amish and have announced they will picket the funerals to show again that these girls were killed because of America's tolerance towards gays. I don't have to say that this made me almost physically sick when I heard it on the news. Here is the final Beatitude. "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." The Amish people have always been the subject of some scorn because of the way they choose to live, and yet they persevere and now they will have to contend with the vitriolic hatred that only Westboro Baptist Church can dispense. Still, the Amish harm no one and are welcoming and accepting of everyone. They are good people who truly demonstrate what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

May we all learn the lessons that these good people can teach us so that we can finally turn away from "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth." After all, what does it say about a society that would have everyone blind and toothless?

10-5-06: Let the spin begin!!!

This was going to be short, but as I started writing I found I had plenty to say in regards to the latest news to come out of "Foleygate."

The Republican spin machine is working overtime. What is hilarious is the number of different directions they are going It's like watching a mad game of billiards with all of the billiard balls on the table bouncing and ricocheting off of each other. Let's take a look at a few things being presented by the Republicans.

  • Right after Foley's resignation and admission into an alcoholic rehabilitation his attorney made a public statement on Foley's behalf where the former Congressman admitted that he was not only gay, but also abused as a teen in the Catholic Church. Now my question is... WHY DO THIS??? Yes, there have been plenty reports asking the question as to why he hasn't come out of the closet, and there have also been Foley's fair share of denials whenever the question was raised. What I want to know is, why bring this up NOW? Could it be that he's trying to play the victim card? Could it be that by pretending he's a victim of circumstances that he's trying to play for the public's sympathy?

    When the right-wing media was covering the news, Bill O'Reilly ran a picture of Foley... Look below to see the picture that O'Reilly ran.

  • \
  • Have you noticed something unusual? Did you see which party Foley has been assigned to? The argument could be made that this was a simple mistake. I don't think so. The odds of a major cable news channel to make that kind of mistake are pretty remote. Could it be that maybe they want to confuse the regular viewers of the Bill O'Reilly show and try to make them think that Foley was a Democrat so that they could try to salvage more Republican voters? A conspiracy theory??? Perhaps, but certainly not outside the realm of possibility, especially given the way Bill O'Reilly will lie about anything and not have any feelings of remorse.

    The Republican leadership is on a witch-hunt to determine the source of the news leak. Yes, it was ABC News that broke the first story, but the neo-cons want to know who knew about this and when. They have been pointing fingers in so many different directions that it's a wonder they don't have them all tied up in a knot. Of course they have their usual suspects... Democrats, gays, even Clinton. They've even gone so far as to say that the page Foley was instant messaging about masturbation techniques was actually a legal adult and that the Democrats are lying about his age in an effort to discredit Foley. This is truly despicable in how they are trying to turn the tables on the poor kid who was the victim here. Of course it doesn't help them in that at least THREE MORE PAGES have come forward, each with their own story of how Foley behaved inappropriately with them. So much for trying to make Foley out to be the victim.

    Back to Foley's admission of being gay and molested, have you noticed how the Evangelical Christian movement has jumped on this? They are using this as a rallying cry against the evils of homosexuality. "Molestation causes homosexuality, and homosexuals become molesters and pedophiles!!!" At the same time you have the Republican leadership proclaiming how great they are in investigating one of their own. Could it be that they are trying to convince Foley to "fall on his own sword?" By having him take the blame two big areas are covered. First, it again creates the illusion that the Republican Party is the party of responsibility and morality, just the kind of party America should want running the government during these difficult days. Second, it allows the Evangelical Christians to again play the "gay card." Why not? After all, by having the Evangelicals and the Republicans dangle the issue of same-sex marriage they were able to scare just enough voters to cast their ballots in favor of the Republican Party. Here again, they can proclaim how important it is to rid America of gays in any position of influence, that to do so otherwise invites the threat of corruption for America's youth. Does the phrase "sacrificial lamb" mean anything???

In the words of Michelangelo Signorile, "DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!!" This is the WORST attempt at spin I've ever seen. All anyone needs to do is just follow all the different stories being spun here. One doesn't even need to determine how accurate these stories are. Instead just look at the CHAOS that follows in the wake of all of these. So many of the Republican leadership and their allies are trying to throw so many stones that all they are succeeding in doing is to HIT EACH OTHER!!! Just there mere fact that there are so many different stories being told from the neo-cons should be enough for anyone to question any authenticity they might claim to have.

Don't buy the spin people. The Republican leadership is in a mad scramble. Recognize all of this for what it is, a mad attempt to cover up more guilt than they want to have exposed.

10-2-06: Well by now we've all heard of Mark Foley, the Congressman from Florida who was also the co-chairman of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus. Among the things Foley has accomplished during that time was the writing of laws that would protect children from online predators. He even went so far as to say publicly that any one who was found guilty of sexually preying on a minor should have all legal rights taken away. Well, for any of you living in a cave or avoiding national news what has happened is Foley has resigned because of inappropriate sexual advances towards a male teen Congressional page through e-mails and instant messages.

In a blatant attempt to deflect the scrutiny he is currently facing, Mark Foley has announced in a letter that he is going into an alcoholic rehab center. He's putting himself across as a victim of the very laws and protections that he helped write. He's the "crusader" when it comes to championing for children's safety and rights. He has also been heard, when it comes to child predators, that they are "sickos," but what does this make him? After all it's a safe bet that he was masturbating while he was IMing the 16 year old boy. Doesn't this constitute cybersex? After all, during the explicit IM that Foley got busted for he even asked the 16 year old about how he likes to masturbate! I don't know about you, but this certainly constitutes as cybersex to me!!!

On top of all of this, there is a transcript where Foley rewarded one of them with a "lunch date" and also drove them (cruise?) around DC. Does anyone see the unhealthiness in all of this??? As for his so called alcoholism, all alcohol does is lower a person's inhibitions, not cause people to do something that is outside of their true nature. So, if Foley is using alcohol as his excuse then he's pretty much admitting that he felt this way towards the pages in the first place!

Now, shall we talk about another double standard? The neo-con movement, which has been notoriously anti-gay, has all of a sudden become rather Politically Correct. There have been rumors regarding Mark Foley's sexuality for years. Let's face it, the man has been single (never married), and has been the subject of scrutiny and people have tried to "out" him for years. As a result, just last week Newt Gingrich, said on Fox News that he has been the subject of "gay bashing." WHAT??????????????????

Now, the right-wing nuts are going to try to bring up the flaws and errors committed by Congressman Gary Studs, Barney Frank, and of course, President Clinton.

We know what Bill did. There is no need to rehash it. Now I will be the first to say that I do not approve of what Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky. However, one important fact is that Monica was a legal adult. It was wrong and inappropriate of Clinton to do what he did, but it was not illegal and it was hardly an impeachable offense.

Congressman Gary Studs (who was outed as gay) had sex with a 17 year old page. What differentiates this is that the page later defended Studs when he was in his 20's in front of Congress. The page Foley was corresponding with has not defended him at all. In fact the young man's parents didn't want to pursue the matter purely as a matter of privacy. Foley was not defended like Studs.

Barney Frank had a boyfriend who was turning tricks in his house. It was wrong and inappropriate, but again it was not against any child predator laws.

How are these instances separate from Mark Foley?

What Foley did was to help create laws to protect children from predators, to prop himself up as a the champion and political guardian for kids, and yet he gets caught himself, guilty of the very indecency that the current Republicans and evangelical Christians blame people like me for. Oh yes, those people on the "not so right" really put themselves across as being holier than thou, incapable of committing such despicable acts because they have God and morality on their side. Now they will exercise the "spin machine" in a desperate, but futile, attempt to try and cover their collective asses and try to repair the ongoing damage happening to the entire Republican leadership.

The few examples (Clinton, Studs, and Frank) that I listed above will be the means that the Republicans will use to attack us. This is their tactic. In order to defend themselves they will attack us and try to put the spotlight on the Democrats. However, the differences are really quite clear between Foley and these instances that the neo-cons will try to bring up. It is nonetheless important for all of us to know what "the other side" is going to say so that we can be prepared to respond to their lies.

Adding insult to injury is what we're now learning in how far back this has been going on. We're now learning that there are pages who are coming forth from as far back as 2001 reporting that there was a problem with Congressman Foley. One page on ABC News even stated that he had told others about Foley's behavior and warned them to steer clear of him. Nonetheless he made a point of seeking out the young males pages and would befriend them in what could only be deemed as highly inappropriate. As a result Foley was somewhat reprimanded, told to treat all pages equally, professionally and to stop being "overly friendly" with them. Now, if all of the pages knew about Foley's aberrant behavior, if Mark Foley had been told to curb his "enthusiastic" friendliness with the pages, wouldn't it also be safe to assume that the other politicians on Capitol Hill knew of his sexual activities as well??? And then, to top it all off, after probably knowing about Foley's behavior and practices, they went ahead and auctioned off a lunch date for a page with FOLEY HIMSELF!!! So, not only do we have Foley becoming a child predator, not only do we have fellow Republican Congressmen enabling this through their actions, but now they're denying it and pointing fingers as to each while each one saying, "I didn't know anything about this! This is the first I'm hearing about it!!!" Does anyone else see the scandal? What's even worse is that a new instant message transcript just came to light where Foley wanted to take a former page on a dinner date. The young man informed him that he couldn't do that until he was 17 whereupon Foley started pressing him with questions like, "What will we do after dinner?" When Foley kept pushing the questions the young man responded with "you're fishing, aren't you?" Again, doesn't anyone else here see the scandal???

Now, what is making this tons of fun are the different stories that are coming out of Capitol Hill in regards to who knew what and when did they know it. It's absolutely beautiful, and yet not at all surprising, that Tom Reynolds, Dennis Hastert (among others) are all telling different stories as to when this information came to light. Hastert has stated that he only found out about this recently, yet there are other people coming forward saying that they reported this to Hastert as far back as 2005. Classic cover-up!!! To make this even funnier is that the White House has simply addressed this as "naughty e-mail." Do they honestly think that they'll be able to sell this to the American Public???

9-14-06: Hi everyone... Sorry I've been a bit quiet, but work has had me really bogged down in a bad way, and of course whenever that happens I find there mere thought of sitting in front of my computer to be completely undesireable, so I become silent. The mere fact that I'm now here either suggests that work has eased up considerably, or that I found something that I felt needed to be shared. Well in truth it's a bit of both. Work has eased up only a little bit. It hasn't eased up enough for me to spend more hours blogging, but it has made it easier for me to find interesting articles and items to share with all of you, which of course leads me to this.

I'm sure that everyone here is well aware of the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. I'm also sure that we all have certain prejudices regarding who started what and who deserves the larger punishment. Now I'll admit that I do have my own opinions which I won't share here. However, I did come across a very interesting video that I wish to share with all of you. I will not state whether or not I agree with what is being posed here, but I will say that it's very interesting "food for thought." It comes from a news interview show shown in the UK (like our CNN or MSNBC) and the news anchor is interviewing a man named George Calloway who is sharing his ideas on what he feels is the true nature of Israel, Lebanon, and Zionist terrorism.

Again, this is merely food for thought.

Hello all...

Let me apologize for not being around, but "things" at work have been pretty ugly and I'm currently in the midst of some horrible overtime. Naturally I'm both tired and burned out when I get home so actually LOOKING at my computer causes some severe allergic reactions!!!

Even though there are lots of political news around, I want to talk about two personal events instead.

First, this past August 18th saw Keith and me celebrate 10 years together as a couple. This is not to be confused with our Wedding Anniversary (which will be our 9th this coming October 19th). This recent event was the anniversary of when we actually met, talked, and had our first kiss. Since this anniversary landed on a Friday we both decided to take that day off from work and spend it together. You can read Keith's telling of this at his Pseudoblog on Yahoo. He also tells it in more detail on his MySpace blog entry, but in the MySpace entry he focuses more on his personal reflections and thoughts on our first date, while at his Pseudoblog you can find a few pictures that he took during our outing on the 18th.

I want to focus on the anniversary itself. We did have a couple of errands that needed to be taken care of early that morning, but once we were done we went out for breakfast and then made the trip up to Camp Verde which is about 75 to 90 minutes north of Phoenix. Once there we made our way to an animal park which used to be located in the nearby community of Fountain Hills, but has since relocated to Camp Verde. The name of the animal park is Out Of Africa. We used to go this place all of the time and even though they relocated well over a year ago, we had always wanted to check it out and see the progress of the park. We decided that this was as good a day as any so we made the drive up there. Along the way we listened to a lot of music that we mutually love and just enjoyed the nice drive. Once in the park we spent several hours (the pictures of our visit there can be found at Keith's Pseudoblog) there and had a truly enjoyable time. I would recommend to any readers that if you're in the area of Northern Arizona to please check out this place. It's still growing and under alot of development, but they have a promising future and I guarantee to some interesting close encounters with a number of animals there!!!

After our time there we decided to drive over to first the old mining town of Jerome and then over to Prescott, neither of which Keith had ever visited. Afterwards we made our way home while taking a very long, very scenic drive home. Now while the various places we visited were enjoyable, what made this trip so special was the drive itself. Keith and I just talked, with subjects ranging from our individual childhood memories, to politics and even spirituality. We even got really silly several times and proceeded to laugh like idiots. This is what was special about the day. We spent this wonderful time just talking. When thinking about this the first word that came to mind about this was "reconnecting," but as I thought about it even more I found that term to be inaccurate, because to "reconnect" one would have to "lose the connection," and that's something which hasn't happened. We've always had that connection, so I guess what we had was a strengthening or deepening of that connection. I hope all of you can understand what it is that I'm trying to share here. As much as I enjoyed our activities and destinations that day, the drive and conversations we had were reallly the highlight of that day for me, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate that day with the man I'm still very much in love with.

I mentioned that there were two items. The second is a reconnection, only this time with a friend that I knew back in my 7th & 8th grade years. His name is Randy Corman and was one of my closest friends during my early teen years. He's the individual who's largely responsible for introducing me to something called Monty Python, and because of him I learned to ride a unicycle (I don't have the unicycle anymore, but I still know how to ride one). We were both in the school band (Randy played sax while I played clarinet) and we spent time together whenever the opportunity presented itself. He was extremely unassuming, highly intelligent, very funny, and extremely big-hearted. Friends like him are a rare breed which is why I was saddened when during our years in high school we ended up drifting apart. There was no fight or disagreement of any kind. We just drifted apart. Well I was surfing around on MySpace and found a new feature where I, as a MySpace user, can look up other users who went to the same school or college as I did. I spent quite some time looking around and right at the end I stumbled across Randy's site. I looked at it and saw that he was married to his longtime sweetheart, had 5 kids, moved to Renton, Washington, is a political activist and an active Christian. Well I'll admit that I stared at his site for about 20 minutes, debating if I should contact him or not. In the end I decided to take a chance and sent him an e-mail. Much to my pleasant surprise he not only responded promptly, but he told me that he had a number of friends who were gay, lesbian and bi and that he was perfectly accepting of who I am. Now maybe I'm making this out to be more than what it really is, but the truth is I was overjoyed at reading this from Randy. Even though I had been out publicly since living here in Arizona, my years living in California are completely different since most everyone who knew me there have no idea that I'm a gay man. I had always wondered what would happen should my old school friends find out, and given that Randy was a Christian and politically active, I was concerned. Needless to say, I feel so very blessed because I've reconnected with an old and very special friend who is accepting of me and my life.

8-12-06: Well kiddies, this is going to be QUITE the entry. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and listening to the radio especially with what just happened regarding the foiled terrorist plot by Scotland Yard. Let me start off with this. I won’t go into too much detail here except to say that it’s amazing the administration is spinning this regarding THEIR battle in the war against terror (Everytime I hear or read those three words together I hear President Monkeyboy’s voice in my head like a bad hangover.). Interesting… They behave as this was their success. If this was their success, why was the color code raised AFTER the fact, hmmm? The simple truth is that this was exposed by Scotland Yard. Where was our leadership? Where were our investigators and intelligence people attached to Homeland Security? Why did this have to happen in the first place if this plot has ties to Al Qaeda? Didn’t our government pour millions of dollars into the hunt for Osama? Oh… That’s right! I forgot… We ended up leaving Afghanistan so that our military could invade a country that had NOTHING TO DO with 9/11 or Al Qaeda. Well what about all our money? Oh yes. I forgot… It’s gone into nation building there.

Now, I have several things I wish for all of you to view and/or read. Let me start off with this video which further asserts that the Bush family and the CIA had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

Now, given what the Bush administration knew regarding 9/11, and given the fact that they are spinning this latest foiled terrorist attempt in their favor by trying to instill fear regarding terrorism and that they are the only means to putting an end to it, read this following article that came from Alex Jones’ PrisonPlanet website.

Red Alert For Staged Government Terror Attack
Terror alert a trial balloon for invasion of Iran, World War III

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | August 10 2006

Today's red level terror alert in symbiosis with escalation of conflict in the Middle East is the trial balloon for a massive staged false flag terror attack, blamed on Hezbollah or Al-Qaeda, that will light the blue touch paper for World War Three.

Radio host Alex Jones, who predicted a staged attack on the World Trade Center involving the use of Osama bin Laden as a fall guy in July 2001, has now gone on record with a second prediction that a staged government terror attack will occur before the end of October unless a gargantuan effort to prevent it is launched.

Only through a massively increased counter-propaganda effort on behalf of all truth activists can prevent an imminent cataclysmic horror show that will make 9/11 look like a walk in the park. We have exhaustively documented that criminal elements in control of major western governments have carried out terror attacks and deliberately manufactured fake alerts for political purposes.

In 2002, then White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told the Washington Times that terror alerts were issued "as a result of all the controversy that took place last week," referring to political heat bestowed on President Bush when 9/11 prior knowledge evidence first surfaced.

From this point onwards smoking guns of government complicity in 9/11 became intrinsically linked with fake terror alerts.

In January of 2003 FBI and CIA whistleblowers told Capitol Hill Blue that the White House was scripting phony terror alerts to maintain hysteria, upkeep President Bushs approval ratings and milk extra defense funding. The report that five Pakistani men had entered the States via Canada and were planning on carrying out a dirty bomb or biological attack was completely conjured up by the Bush administrations black propaganda office. New York Harbor was shut down to visibly pump up the fear. One of the named suspects, Mohammed Asghar (pictured left), was tracked down to Pakistan by the Associated Press. He was a fat guy running a jewellers shop and had never even been to America.

World Net Daily commented,

Other sources within the bureau and the Central Intelligence Agency said the administration is pressuring intelligence agencies to develop "something, anything" to support an array of non-specific terrorism alerts issued by the White House and the Department of Homeland SecurityCHB reported that FBI and CIA sources said a recent White House memo listing the war on terrorism as a definitive political advantage and fund-raising tool is just one of many documents discussing how to best utilize the terrorist threat.

Since those early admissions, every single major terror alert that the US, UK or Canadian government has issued has proven to be completely fraudulent and scripted. Two months ago this website, in an article entitled 'Nexus Points Emerge For Potential Summer Attack,' predicted that, "Numerous nexus points have emerged that suggest major western governments are preparing for a summer terror attack that will come close to but not match 9/11 in scale and will provide the justification needed for an air strike on Iran before the midterm elections in early November."

Government mouthpieces in the US, UK and Israel are all hyping the inevitability of a Hezbollah nuke attack on a major western or Israeli city, which will provide the perfect justification for Neo-Fascist bloodsuckers to expand the war from Lebanon into Syria and Iran.

Developments today indicate that the governments of the US and the UK are engaging in a process of announcing the prevention of numerous terror plots, in order to prepare the groundwork for a real attack, under protest that they did all they could to defend the people, but that one attack slipped through.

Arrests in the US, the UK and Canada of supposed terror cells that in each case turn out to be low grade morons, victims of government entrapment, or outright fabricated evidence, are part of this conditioning process. We have provided links to all our investigations of these staged terror alerts and more at the end of this article.

Watershed leaps in the public profile of the 9/11 truth movement directly correlate to the staging of scripted terror alerts. Each time a new national poll is released showing more people questioning the official story of 9/11, a terror alert or a high profile terror arrest is announced. Last time around it was the arrest of Al-Zarqawi - now it's a re-hash of Operation Bojinka - a plot masterminded by admitted US government agent Ramzi Youssef. The ramifications for the freedoms of all westerners and the very lives of thousands of Iranians and Syrians, as well as US troops, are too grave to even contemplate. We must be more vigilant that ever before in an more vocal in our efforts to educate the world about who benefits from terror and where the weight of evidence points towards.
Now, after reading all of this, take a look at this video with Lou Dobbs from CNN. Even he’s woken up to the fact that we were fed lies regarding 9/11.

Now let leave you with this. It’s an abridged video from a Twilight Zone episode called “The Obsolete Man.” Before you view it I should tell you all that under Patriot Act II (which has yet to be passed), section 501, you can be publicly executed without trial, or jury if you meat the definition of a “terrorist” as defined in Patriot Act I, section 802. This means that anyone who is considered a danger to society, in any shape or form, could be put to death.

Now, watch this episode of the Twilight Zone and don’t tell me that this doesn’t put the fear of God in all of you…

All it takes is just one more attack on our nation,or an outbreak of bird flu,or whatever,and those ignorant to the TRUTH will beg for "Patriot Act II" to be passed...(But the wise will know whose behind it all)...(Daniel 12:10) We're living in George Orwell's worst nightmare,and Hitlers greatest "wet-dream"! Welcome to "The Twilight Zone"! YOU are OBSOLETE!(To the "New World Order")...

The Lord Jesus Christ warned us about these times...(Matthew 24:9,Mark 13:9-13,Luke 21:12-16,John 16:2,Revelation 20:4).

7-30-06: I wanted to share with you yet more evidence of the disturbing trend that is going on with the Evangelical Christian movement. In St. Paul, Minn. there is a leader of a megachurch named Rev. Gregory A. Boyd. Now what sets this man apart is that he's been making a deliberate attempt to not follow the path of other megachurches. After being asked to endorse conservative candidates and issues from the pulpit over and over (each time he declined) he became so fed up that he preached a six part sermon entitled "The Cross And The Sword." In short, he felt it was imperative that churches should steer clear of politics and give up moralizing on sexual issues, to stop proclaiming that America was a Christian Nation and that this country was not founded to be a Christian country. For me personally I find something refreshing in a man who actually knows his American history. Now he has privately made it clear that he is not a liberal. He opposes abortion and he has stated that he feels homosexuality is not God's ideal. Nonetheless, he has found something truly reprehensible in what many churches are doing today in their constant preaching of these issues and to use them as hot buttons to motivate the Christian movement. He has said that Christians these days were constantlyl outraged about sex and perceived violations of their rights to display their faith in public and that those are two buttons to push if you want to get Christians to act. "And those are two buttons Jesus never pushed," said Rev. Boyd.

While some people have applauded what he has done, the "white, middle-class suburbanites" are disgrunted with this and as many as 1,000 of them have left the church. This is where it becomes disturbing. Some of these people who have left have said things like, "You're not doing what the church is supposed to be doing, which is supporting the Republican way," or  "So why not us? If we contain the wisdom and grace and love and creativity of Jesus, why shouldn't we be the ones involved in politics and setting laws?"

This is what I want all of you to be aware of. There is a growing movement of people who call themselves Christians. Whether they truly are Christians in their heart is not for me to judge, but their actions truly speak otherwise. They have an idea as to what is right, not just for themselves, but for all people whether we all like it or not and they are going to try to do what they can to put that into action.

Be mindful of these people. They truly represent a terrible threat to all of us, but at the same time please be mindful of yourselves and your own hearts. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is very easy for us to respond in the same manner and that is something we cannot allow. Let us do what we can to enlighten and educate those around us so that we as a people can tell our lawmakers what is fair and just for all citizens, but let us not enforce our ideals on others just as they would do to us. To do so would make us hypocrites and that is not something that I want to see us labeled as.

7-21-06: Hello again... I'm back already with something that I wish to share with all of you...

I was reading my regular e-mail that I receive from Advocate.com when I saw a quote which caught my attention. "Maybe the question for [newly elected head of the Episcopal Church] Bishop [Katharine Jefferts] Schori and her fellow heretics should be, if homosexuality is not a sin, what is?" This was from the commentator Cal Thomas. I don't have to tell all of you that when I saw this I almost had a stroke. That's how infuriating I found it. Now maybe it's because I'm still sick, maybe it's because I'm dealing with some bad side effects from the antibiotics I'm taking, but this enraged me so much I felt compelled to find the article (it was located on the neo-conservative blog Town.com) and then post a response. I'm sure this will piss some people off and I wish I could have written more, but this is what posted:

"First, to know what Paul really said it is important to know where he comes from, what his background is and his psychology.

Second, understand who he is talking to and why. That is how you'll understand the doctrine he is giving instead of having it taken out of context like so many close-minded fundamentalists have been doing. They don't preach. They strive to control the minds of their followers with rigid thinking that resembles the Pharisees from the Old Testament.

Third, as to what is a sin, how about looking at what Christ pointed out. Lying, stealing, violence, HATRED. These are sins.

I am now convinced that if Jesus returned today and tried to preach, the same fundamentalists that strive to brainwash with THEIR prejudiced doctrine would crucify him all over again for being what he was in the Gospels... A spiritual revolutionary."

I know that there are some who will say that I've done is somewhat contrary to my previous posting. Perhaps it is, but I felt it was imperative for me to not just defend who we are, to not just defend the position of Bishop Jefferts and others who believe as she does, but to defend the true meaning of  what is sin in the eyes of God. I know full well that God needs no defending on my part, and maybe I'm being somewhat of a zealot in my rushing to God's defense, but in the end I saw it as being important to offer up a different point of view.

7-20-06: Hello all… Sorry I’ve been away from here for so long, but much has been happening, and unfortunately much of it has not been good.

First off, just to put to rest any concerns, Keith and I are just fine. The unfortunate events do not revolve around there. In fact, if it weren’t for Keith and I think I would have probably lost my mind by now. He has been my anchor and my strength during all of this. Without him, and without the support of many of you wonderful people out there who I call my friends, the stress of the last couple of months might have been too much for me to handle.

Second, I’ve been sick. This is the bad news. Somehow I contracted a rather nasty cold which has been giving me a lot of grief. What makes it bad is that ever since I moved to Arizona I found myself succeptible to severe respiratory ailments. I'm not sure if this stems from having Valley Fever (an illness which is common among many Arizona natives and newcomers) or from a severe upper respiratory illness that I had contracted while working in the records office of a Nursing Home which was so bad it left me with laryngitis for 11 months (this is no exaggeration). I don't know what the cause is. All I know is that since that time I have had bad repercussions everytime I contract a cold. In this case it developed into bronchitis. It got so bad that last Tuesday I was forced to leave work early to go see my doctor. He gave me some antibiotics and I'm slowly on the mend. I'm not at 100% yet, but hopefully by the end of next week I should be back to my regular cheerful self.

Third, I have been out of town (Yes, even while I was sick.). It became necessary to travel back to Tulsa, Oklahoma and see Keith’s family. I will say that for the most part this trip was extremely positive. I finally got to meet my sister in-law and her family which was an absolute blast along with meeting Keith’s younger brother. He was a really sweet guy and his whole family went out of their way to make me feel completely welcome. I also found recently that they all had nothing but wonderful things to say about me to Keith. I must say that in spite of all of the adversity that I’ve had to face recently, knowing that his family thought and felt so highly of me made my day. I can safely say that I’ll be extremely excited and pleased the next time I get to go back to Oklahoma!!!

Now I do wish to leave all of you with some thoughts. First off, it was reported on Sirius OutQ (The "gay" channel on Sirius Satellite Radio which is a Godsend!!!) that the group Soulforce had travelled to Tennessee which is the home state of the idiot Bill Frist. They went there with the intention of letting him know that trying to add an amendment to the US Constitution would do absolutely nothing to protect the so-called sanctity of marriage, that allowing gays to marry does absolutely NOTHING to damage the marriages of the heterosexuals in our country. When Frist learned of this he had his spokesperson issue the following statement: The purpose of the amendment was to preserve the "definition" of marriage. What? This is about preserving a definition?? Since when did this become a war over symantics???

What this does is to continually show the schism that is taking place in our country, that we are indeed involved in a "cultural war." Even now the President finally exercised his vetoe power for the first time (after 5 years) a bill which would loosen the restrictions on stem cell research. His reasoning is an issue of morality, and this kind of morality comes from the Religious Reich. This is the cultural war we are in, a battle between science and religion which has been going on since before the Scopes Monkey Trial. I find it infuriating that we are now allowed to progress as a nation in a scientific and technological manner, that archaic and incorrect religious beliefs have stifled us all because these people in the Christian Taliban claim that science is trying to rob God away from Americans. It saddens me because if they would simply open their minds, let God "out of the box" and allow scienfic research to progress without the religious hinderance they would start to find God more and more IN the science!!!

Lastly, I have heard many complaints about how the "not so" religious right has been increasingly intolerant of more progressive minded Christians and of the gay community in general and that the progressive religions have been more or less silent without standing up for themselves and their beliefs. Could it be that we as victims of such intolerance are unwilling to show intolerance to them? We ask for freedom to be who we are and pursue a life of happiness.  The problem is that if we want to have such freedoms it is incumbent upon us to allow such freedoms for those who hate us. They must be pitied, not hated in return. After all, they are also children of God just as we are, and even though they say and do terrible things all in God's name (for example Lou Sheldon who has suggested having exorcisms performed on people to free them of homosexuality), God loves them just as much as we are loved, and that love is unconditional

Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that my wonderful husband has really joined the online community now and has added his own websites! The first one is simply called Welcome to Ben and Keith.com. It's our joint page where you can jump to either his page (which he's currently designing) or my page here. This is also a good time to announce that in the months to come Keith and I plan to leave the AOL community. The entire AOL service has become completely useless to us. Our primary e-mail addresses are through our Cox account ("He said cocks...  Uh huh huh huh huh.") and we will eventually be running our pages through Yahoo (including my Whitesock page). It only makes sense to do it through there because the cost is practically none not to mention the blogging tools which are available through Yahoo's 360º service. Not to worry though as we will give everyone advanced notice when this will take place as I will also set up a redirection page so that if anyone comes here by mistake they will be automatically taken to the new website. I'm also hoping that it will look relatively much like this one currently does, at least for now as it's possible that in the future the page will end up looking entirely different than what it does currently. In any case I do plan on migrating the entire website over to Yahoo in the near future. In the meantime please feel free to check out what my husband has put out there and make sure you check it regularly because he's really gung-ho about what he's done and will be adding update after update after update! He also FINALLY put a picture of our sweet girls (our cats) on his page so you can see what our babies look like!!!

3-11-06: Through my occasional surfing I came across this brilliant parody by a young man named Justin Watt. He had found a picture of a billboard in Orlando Florida advertising Exodus International.  The billboard basically said if you're gay and unhappy just go to their website (and I will NOT give out their URL) for all your answers. Well Justin found this offensive, took the picture and played with it. The result is a very clever parody, which according to my understanding of the law, is protected. Justin received a cease-and-desist letter from Liberty Counsel on behalf of Exodus. Justin refuses to be bullied and is willing to see this through.  There are some experts in Justin's corner who believe that in the end Exodus will not want their dirty laundry aired should this go to court.

I know that there is the possibility that I'll see some trouble out of this, but out of solidarity I will post the image-link here so that all will see it. They don't own the words and they don't own the font. The picture was never trademarked nor is there a copyright on it, so there is no infringement there. This is a parody, clear and simple and is protected under the law.

3-7-06: I could not believe my eyes when I read this article, but it's the truth. There is a wingnut running for the Senate named Merrill Keiser Jr. What makes this man such an idiot is his belief that homosexuality should be punishable by death. He said, "Just like we have laws against murder, we have laws against stealing, we have laws against taking drugs - we should have laws against immoral conduct." Now I'm sure that most people aren't saying anything regarding this because he's one of the lunatic fringe. Still, where is the public outcry? Liberal Blogger Deborah White said, "What if this hate-filled moron called for the execution of all blacks or all Jews? Would the public outcry be similarly subdued? Would the press still report it as a cute curiosity or merely an alternative viewpoint? Where is moral outrage in 2006?" Do you still think this guy is just a nut? Consider the following points:

  • He believes that the United States has been moved into a Godless direction by the courts. "To get good men on the court, we need good Senators" said Keiser.
  • He believes in a strong defense of the Second Amendment, securing U.S. borders, lower taxes to stimulate the economy, support of Israel and prayer in public schools.
  • He believes the United States should make conversion to Christianity part of the war on terror to teach Muslims the error in their choice of religion.
  • He decries evolution saying that it is contrary to the Declaration of Independence, that if a person believes in evolution, he or she "has no rights."
  • He opposes the United Nations, abortion on demand and thinks so-called global warming is a false concern.

Now, do you want to know the really amusing facts about this man? He's a trucker with absolutely no political experience whatsoever. He is hoping to eventually unseat Republican incumbent Senator Mike DeWine, assuming of course DeWine wins the GOP primary. However, to get to that point Keiser has to beat FELLOW Democrat (That's right kiddies, this maniac is a DEMOCRAT!!!) Sherrod Brown in the May primary. Now I'm sure most of you are now saying, "Well if he's a Democrat then he doesn't stand a chance! On that one idea I would agree. However, there are other nuances to this that might be worth thinking about. This man is not the first person who has expressed such outrageous ideas. Even though Keiser stands very little chance of succeeding in his bid for public office, it in no way diminishes the danger he represents and we need to stand up to it instead of ignoring it thinking that he's an insane, lone voice in the wilderness. One sure fire way is to cast light on individuals like Keiser so that the dangerous truth can be made aware to the majority. The more people who fully understand how evil this brand of thinking is, the less power people like Keiser end up having.

Lastly, consider this one closing thought that Deborah White posed on her blog. She speculated that Keiser was a plant by the GOP. "He must be a Republican plant," she wrote. "Please ... someone tell me I'm correct."

Paid for by the committee who read about this guy and said, "OH MY
CRAZY, is this fruitcake for real?"

These last several days have been rather difficult for me. Someone close to me just died, and I was not prepared for how badly I was about to handle it.

There is a gay couple here in Phoenix that have become our (meaning mine and Keith’s) best friends. We’ve been friends for a number of years now and we consider each other as family. We celebrate the holidays together and have even gone on vacations together. Now, we would be forced to face something together that was to be rather painful.

The mother of one friends surprisingly took ill and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room. From that time on her health declined at a rapid rate. Then, on Friday, February 10 2005, she was moved to a hospice where she was made comfortable with the expectation that she was about to pass away. We held an all night vigil and around 11:30 AM on Saturday, she went home to be with God.

For the next 24 hours all I could do was try to understand what I was feeling inside. I felt a sense of torment that I couldn’t define. True, I was saddened for the passing of this really good woman, but what I was feeling went beyond that. I felt a sense of helplessness that became a jumbled, unbelievably powerful anguish. I tried taking a nap in the middle of the day, but my mind kept racing, trying to make sense out of the pain in my heart. Then I remembered something my “brother” Max said, that (I’m paraphrasing here) I would do anything possible and in my power to help a friend in need. This was my anguish. A very dear friend (and his partner) were grieving terribly over the loss of his mother, and as illogical as this may sound, I wanted to take that pain away. Again, I know this is illogical. Pain and sadness are part of the human experience, but my sadness is seeing others go through any kind of hurt or pain.

There are a number of you (I know who you are) who have shared many personal stories about your lives and what you are all going through. The stories that haunt me are the ones where some tragedy has befallen any one of you, whether it be a breakup of a relationship, or even a death. I read your blogs and the only thing that I feel is this burning need to go up to each and everyone of you, put my arms around you and give you each a big hug, telling you how things will get better and how I will stand by your side to help shoulder your pain. To all of you readers who have experienced recent breakups, I really do understand what you’re going through, and my greatest wish is to give each of you hugs of comfort and say, “Everything will be alright,” but I’m unable to. I’m here in Arizona and the rest of you are scattered throughout the country if not the world, and unfortunately my arms just aren’t that long to do what I wish I could do for each of you.

All I can say to each of you is this. You may not know it, but you do have someone who cares for each of one of you, and my heart goes out to each of you in prayer and love. If I could give you a hug, I would. If I could give you my shoulder to cry on, I would. If I could look you square in the eye say, “Everything will be alright,” I would. What I can say to all of you is this… Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, I am your friend!!! You are all my friends, and if there is anything in my power that I can do to help you out during your time of sadness, you can bet that I will do it!

Even though I haven't met most of you personally, I care about each and every one of you deeply. You are my friends. God bless each one of you.

2-6-06: I have two very important things to share today.

First, I have received a huge number of responses to my most recent posting. Some decided to post their replies publicly on my Yahoo 360 blog while others simply chose to e-mail me privately. The result was pretty much the same; an overwhelming response of support, not just for what I do, but mostly for simply who I am. The responses were amazing and I want to thank all of you who replied to me. Each and every one of you is a unique blessing in my life, and I thank God daily for having such amazing friends such as all of you! I also want to give a special kudos to my friend Max. Max, you are more than just a friend. You are truly a Brother of mine in my heart. Thank you for your continued kindness, friendship and support. What you wrote on my Yahoo 360 blog means more to me than you realize, and I thank you for it!!! Lastly, I want to give the biggest thanks to my loving husband. His constant encouragement and love has been the biggest factor throughout this entire time. He was the one who first put me on the path towards this moment and he continued to support, encourage and love me throughout this journey. I would have never even reached this point in my life were it not for him!!!

Now, for the final item of business... MY 2004 WALT DISNEY WORLD VACATION PICTURE PROJECT IS FINALLY FINISHED!!! I have slaved over this project for over a year and it's finally finished and online here!!! Just go to my Photos page and enjoy! I should also point out that the color scheme on my monitor appears to be slightly out of whack, so when I touched up the pictures using Photoshop it was done with the color settings that are currently on my monitor, so for everybody else with properly working monitors everything might have a stronger than normal "red hue" to it. My apologies. I'll try to get the color settings of my monitor fixed before I work on any more pictures for posting. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the vacation pics! Believe me, I'm glad to have that project finished!!!

1-15-06: Where do I begin with this entry? First off, I'm still not finished with my current project. It's suffered an annoyingly bad setback, which of course affects everything else that I want to do. Still, I experienced something which makes this entry mandatory.

Last Sunday at church I heard a sermon, which for the most part, really didn't inspire me all that much. At least, not until the guest pastor started talking about gifts and talents unique to each one of us for a purpose. This truly resonated within me at that very moment for reasons which I will explain later on. Then today, our regular pastor talked about how each one of us is always being called by God to be a servant in some capacity or another. I started to connect the dots which what was preached last Sunday and felt that it was imperative that I post this entry.

I have something of a secret to share, something which most of my regular and/or guest readers don't know about me. I'm a white sock fetishist. I could go into details explaining this, but I won't at this present time. Just go to the sock link here and you'll get a full description as to what that's all about. What I do want to talk about now is why I never mentioned this before.

I've noticed a rather peculiar schism in the gay community. We can be spiritual, Christian, God-loving people. This is all well and good. However, the moment anything of a sexual (dare I say, kinky?) nature comes up we spiritual G/L/B/T folk eschew it and become entirely puritanical. I learned this a few years ago when here on this website I posted my stats. Now in my mind I actually found that to be harmless. However, I received e-mail telling me how awful it was that I was doing this, that it turned the website from a spiritual site into a physical/sexual site. Well, like an idiot, I took the stats down and conformed to the wishes of others. That was a big mistake, although at the time I did not realize it.

Now let me share something that happened a few weeks ago. I have several other blogs around on the Internet, one of which is on Yahoo. There have been a number of individuals on the Yahoo 360 system (a beta blog service) who have been less than nice to me. In fact their words and actions hurt me a great deal. Among the things said were how I'm a mystery, anomaly, strange, a freak. Others have just decided to cut me right off without so much as an explanation, even after I've made numerous overtures of friendship, some of them still snub me and I've yet to fully understand why. Now those of you who have been gracious and kind enough to get to know me are well aware that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm a masculine man, but I'm also very tender and sensitive and can be hurt very easily. It was because of these people that I had made the decision to take down all of my sites and blogs. However, God works miracles in ways I can't even begin to describe, and two beautiful miracles happened to me, also through Yahoo 360.

Now the blog I have on Yahoo is entirely dedicated to my white sock fetish. I'm not ashamed of that. However I do have a link to my Gay, Christian website there and a another gay man, who enjoys socks as his fetish, found his way to my spiritual website and felt it important to contact me. When he did he asked some very important questions, all in an attempt to reconcile his sexuality with his spirituality. While I was not able to answer all of his questions (that would take a long time to do so) I did help set him on the path to find those answers himself. Last I heard he had placed himself in a healthy spiritual environment and was doing well.

The second miracle happened when I received an e-mail giving thanks for what I had put out here, both in terms of the fetish sites and the spiritual site. He shared how his life had been pretty bad in previous years, but that through time had managed to find God and bring peace to his life. He also gave thanks to me that I had managed to find to find a balance in my life, that I could enjoy the sexual, fetish side of my life, and yet maintain my spirituality and still be married to my husband. He told me that I was a power of example to the community, and I thanked him for his kind words. When I shared with him that I had previously planned to take down all of my sites he said that it was a good thing that I hadn't because he was in a really bad place until he came upon my pages. He was blessed by what I had to share for the world, and I was blessed in his contacting me.

To those people who have been less than kind to me in recent weeks, let me address a few issues. I'm a really good guy. I'm a man of high values, and even though I can be flirtatious (anyone who thinks that's a sin really needs to re-examine his or her life and values), I'm still a very moral man. I'm deeply in love with my husband, but always strive to find friends that I share common interests in. One of my dearest friends (You're the greatest Max!) once said that I'm a guy who would do anything possible to help people with almost anything, and that if you have me on your list of friends that you will have a friend forever. Thank you Max. I made a very wise decision in pursuing a friendship with you!!! Anyway, for those of you who have either snubbed me, or decided to cut me out of their lives because they don't understand me, well now you have a better idea of what you're missing out on. I may be terribly shy (which many people mistake to be arrogance), but I'm a good, friendly, loyal, and loving man. I'm proud to say that I'm a Christian. I'm also not ashamed whatsoever to say that I'm a white sock fetishist. It's okay to be both. If you want to know more about my white sock fetish just go to Ben's White Sock Page.

God made me the way that I am and I'm proud to be His creation!!!